It is my personal opinion to keep away from the sick cards. If you’re dealt with bad cards, like two pairs, three of kind or four of a kind of similar suit or straight and you are sure they will be of no help to you for winning the game, then you must discard the cards and draw for fresh five cards. It is wise to keep a pair rather than holding a single big card. The winning odds and Payout ratios always favor the three of kind ever the high pair of cards. Also, do not keep extra cards along with the pair as the same will reduce the winning odds for drawing three cards of a kind. Try to hold the high pair and attempt to get three of kind rather than four of a kind straight or three cards royal or a flush. The best odds are offered when you go for three of one kind. Surely you will make more if you deal with three of kind cards for longer gaming. It is not a bad idea to hold a low pair than draw the four cards straight. Winning Odds are better for drawing 3 of a kind. If your cards have four card straight that can be completed from either of the sides without any pair, then you must go ahead with one card draw. But, don’t draw a card for filling the middle of the incomplete straight. In case you have to choose between drawing two card for completing three card royal or holding a low pair, or a four card flush or four card straight then you must opt for Royal Flush. Always hunt for a high payout machine and blend it with the gamers’ club bonus. If you are an expert or professional in video poker game, you have strong chances of beating the video poker machine.

Discussion on the Payout tables of the famous video poker games

In Bonus poker and Jacks or Better, if you get a Royal Flush, you will get 250 chips per chip wager with bonus of 4000 as a reward for playing maximum number of chips. So the pay table appears to be 250/4000. One most important thing in Jacks or better video poker game is payout of Full house (9) as well as the Flush (6). That is the reason such machines are referred to as 9 by 6 machines that approximately gives a return of 99.5%. The Full Pay Bonus game offers payouts of Full House (8) as well as the Flush (6). A Deuces Wild Full Pay offers a whopping 100.7% payout. The main thing in this game is four of kind payout. The Reduction of four chips in four of one kind payout will result in reduction of overall return to approx 6.4%. Many a times a Bonus full pay game gives a payout of cent percent for professionals. This machine also pays double in case of four of a kind as compared to the Regular Bonus video poker game. The bonus full play also offers an extra chip in case of a straight.

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