Most of the video poker machines have the RNG (Random Number Generator). The target of the gamers is to make the best possible hand, right from the initial deal of cards. Five cards are allotted as the opening hand. It is up to the gamer to decide whether to keep the five cards or discard all or some of them. Whenever any card is discarded, fresh cards are dealt as a replacement maintaining the five cards every time. The best possible way to make a decision as to what to keep and what to throw must be on the basis of the percentages. You need to actually have the knowledge about the winning odds or the percentages and calculations of the cards to have a target of the best possible hand. For example, if you are holding pair of jacks, then you will immediately get to know that you can never make a flush, royal flush or a straight flush with these hands. Although you might get a chance to develop cards that are three or four of kind or two pairs or even a full house. The reason that Video Poker is such an amazing game is it gives payouts of nearly 100 percent. If you have the knowledge and expertise of playing this game, you can even get payouts of more than 100%. The house has knowledge of the fact that the players would not bother to know to play with the machines and therefore the casinos will always make money. With a 52 card deck, one can make 2,598,960 hands. The RNG in the video poker machines is set in such a manner so as to achieve the possible number of hands and the odds that the number represents. Never get nervous looking at the big numbers. Actually, you have a great chance of winning as many of these cards payoff. Just with a little bit of research before playing the game, you will get good payouts and help you to be a winner. The winning odd of every hand that comes across is preset by the RNG. Due to this the casino gets the advantage over the players. So, if you are in a position to read and understand the payout tables, you will automatically know the winning odds. Frankly, the calculations are not very difficult as they seem to be. So, take some effort and read out the payout table before you start playing with any type of video poker machine. Here’s the list of the payout table in relation to the returns of the video poker machine: Flush Return/Full House – Game Return / Approximate machines
Full House 9-1 8-1 7-1 6-1
Flush 6-1 5-1 5-1 5-1
Machine Payout 99.5% 97.4% 96.3% 95.2%
  Make it a point to pay with the maximum chips on a good payout machine. You get an advantage of Bonus payoffs in case of the Royal Flush, etc. It is a great idea to play with the progressive machines because of the fact that you can get huge payouts if you happen to hit the Royal Flush. So go ahead and find the progressive video poker machines that give 80 percent of full payout money approximately.

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