Knowledge as well as skill is important for beating the competitors at the table. For winning the Jackpot, you have to indeed be smarter than the rest. It might seem too simple for you, but it is a hard fact that even the other gamers might be professionals in poker games. The same thing applies to the Online version of Poker. You might be at home relaxing and playing on your PC with an Internet connection, but you are again competing with other real gamers. But the scenario of Video poker is completely dissimilar. The first obvious difference is that, you aren’t competing with the other real gamers; you simply are beating the virtual computer. Your biggest concern might be your own skill not being very good for beating the game. Now you only have to target on beating the virtual computer. As I mentioned before you are simply competing against the machine. If you are thinking in the wrong line that you’ll be cheated and it won’t be fair game and you will be completely ruined, then you must take this information from me. You need to be aware of the fact that as the websites are owned by the public limited companies, they are answerable to the shareholders of the company and are liable to be fined in case of cheating. Felony charges can also be faced by the persons responsible in the company. The Video Poker game has complete control of the RNG (Random Number Generator) in the machine. Therefore, cheating is out of question and you will play fair and face real odds of the game. Just like live poker game, you will have similar odds of winning the game. The most difficult thing to master in poker is the art of bluffing. It’s extremely difficult to bluff. There are only some poker players who know the art of bluffing without the competitors detecting the same. In case of video poker game, this question does not arise at all. It is useless to bluff as you aren’t competing with the opponents. So there is no need to have the poker face at all. The video poker game is very simple to play as compared to the traditional version of the poker game. The rules are similar like the actual poker game; even the hand ranks are same. There are some advantages of a video poker game: You are allowed to discard any of the dealt cards that you don’t wish to hold. So your hand will become stronger with better winning odds in your favor. So you always have a possibility of getting payouts which surely depends on how strong your poker hand is. One more thing that players ignore is the fact that even though you’re a pro and always get high payouts, you are actually wasting your time and energy and all your talent on playing a single hands video poker game. In live poker you do not have an option to play with multiple hands. The same does not apply to the video poker game. With this option open, you can multiply your winnings and have fun with your pockets full.

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