Gamers who like to play the online video poker game might find it interesting to know the History of it. The Video Poker game actually pre-dates the WWW as well as the Internet by more than twenty years. Since a long time the Poker and its variants are extremely popular of all the other casino games. The best part of the online video poker game is that it has brought the esteemed card game in the computer age.

Poker History

Nobody is aware of the origin of poker. Though a similar kind of game named As Nas was liked and played in the country of Iran for ages. Probably it must have been brought in U.S.A. through the Persian sailors back in the period of 1820s. The first reference of the poker game in U.S.A. was made from the essay of the English actor Joseph Crowell in the year 1829. Poker then spread northwards in the Mississippi river boats and then east wards and westward to Ohio, Cumberland and the Missouri. You might be amazed of the fact that video poker was among the early forms of computer games and had paralleled developments with the PC (Personal Computer) in 1970s. The online video poker game is direct successor of the early primitive electronic games. Along with the inception of internet era in the 1990s, even the Video poker game went online. In those years, the video poker was in fact played between real players in the real time over the IRCN (Internet Relay Chats Network). Nowadays the online version of the video poker game is probably amongst the most popular and successful online casino games. Ever since the year 2003, the players in the virtual online rooms have multiplied exorbitantly. If you compare the online with the real poker, then apart from the truth that one can play it alone with a simple internet connection in the PC, it will actually give a real casino feeling to the online gamers. As there is a real croupier in the real poker, there is a virtual croupier in the online version, who will give you the initial hands. The other rules of taking, holding, discarding, ante, call and raise remain the same. If you are constantly worried that this game is manipulated, then you must surely be aware of the fact that among all the other casino online games, this game is the most honest of them all. The main reason behind this is that the websites are usually owned by public traded companies and are bound by the S.E.C. rules and regulations and are also accountable to the shareholders of the company. If rig is attempted in an online poker game, upon discovery the company is fined and all the responsible officers of the company will have to face the charges of felony. It is a known fact that the online video poker game is amongst the most established, regulated as well as user-friendly form of the Internet games. Most importantly you do not have to wear your poker face when you play the virtual one.

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