There is a variety of video poker games, but the best one is the “Jacks or better” video poker game. It is the original version of the video poker and also for the fact that many strategies are possible in this game. You must be in a position to get a best possible hand in any kind of video poker game. In the Jacks or better game a winner is the gamer who is able to achieve at least equal or higher than the pair of Jack. Firstly, you have to select your wager amount. You can also start with some cents or pence to dollars or pounds per hand. Always select the wager amount according to your bankroll. If you do not have too many dollars or pounds, then it would be a great idea to start with this game as you can even enjoy this gaming experience by wagering on pence or cents. So even if you are unlucky for a moment, you will never become a bankrupt. Most of the video pokers are roughly based on a 5 card stud. That means you’re initially dealt with five random cards. You can either keep or swap them for other random cards. After discarding the cards and swapping the new cards, your hand will be evaluated. The Table will then decide the winnings accordingly. If you achieve or beat a pair of jack, then you generally get all your stakes back. If your hand has two pair, three of kind or four of a kind, then your winnings will multiply accordingly. Just like the regular poker game, the winnings increase and maximizes in case of Royal flush. Depending on the websites, the payouts will differ.

Option of Doubling up

If your hand wins, you get an option of double up. In case you opt for it, then it will automatically become one separate round and you’re very likely to risk all the winnings. In this case, five cards are dealt and they are all faced down. Gradually the cards are faced up. Until you decide to opt for the double up, you will not know all the cards. In a way you are actually playing blind.

The basic strategies of video poker game

Many video pokers are dependant on the luck of draw. Although one can never give assurances that such a strategy will work and head start your game. When your hand is dealt, have a look at the list below for deciding your moves: 1.Keep all the cards if there is a flush, straight or a straight flush. 2.Swap one useless card, in case you possess two pairs or are just a card away from the open ended straight. 3.Swap two useless cards, if you’re either two cards away from open ended straight or three of kind 4.If you possess a pair of two high cards like jack or more, then hold these and discard the other three cards. 5.If you have too many high cards, then you must hold two cards of similar suit as the slight chance of flush will be open for you. 6.If you have only one high card, then hold that card and alter the others. 7.If all the cards are useless, then it is better to interchange all five of them.

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