As companies began to use microchips and random number generators to determine the spin of the reels, the seventies brought about a revolution in slot machine gambling. Pulling the arm of a slot machine became a quaint gesture as this was no longer required to make the machine work. As microchip technology continued to advance, so did the world of slots. By the 80’s, all the casinos had gone over to microchip power slots and casinos experienced much tighter profits as the machines were much less expensive. The development of physical slot machines continues to this day, but developments in technology also allowed the porting of code to online slots as well. The slot machine gained popularity across the United States and eventually the entire world, with different countries adopting their own variations. In Britain slot machines are often called fruit machines, deriving from the familiar fruit symbols. In Australia slot machines are referred to as poker machines. A common nickname for slot machines is a one-armed bandit, or just a bandit, which originates from the original slot machines that were operated by the lever on one side (the one arm) and had the ability to leave a player penniless, hence the bandit. Slots now account for 70% to 80% of casino revenue. With slot machines today no longer mechanical but completely electronic, they come in a million different varieties although all with the same appealing premise. The software of online slots is exactly the same as a one-armed bandit in Las Vegas. Online slots are the most recent stage in the evolution of slot machines, and serious players should definitely check out the vast array of online casinos to play some slots for themselves. Nowadays, you can play on bingo sites with slots as well. It isn’t necessary to travel to a packed casino to experiment with slots anymore, as with more casinos appearing online every day players can sit in the comfort of their own home and still obtain the slot machine experience.

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