When you first see numerous slot machines carefully organized in a casino, you might be tempted to think they are alike. Because all of them have a coin slot, a handle, and flashing lights, you could easily believe that one slot machine is exactly like the other. If you recognize yourself in this description, then you’re missing a lot of valuable information that can help you determine which machine to play in order to get a higher return. Let’s explore what you can determine simply by looking at a slot machine. The number of lines you can play First and foremost, you need to figure out how many lines you are allowed to play in a single spin. While the vast majority of slot machines offer one line, you will find some that offer up to 50 lines in one spin. If you stumble across the latter category of machines, then know that it will usually cost you an additional coin to play. Therefore, take the time to read and understand how each of the lines is calculated to pay out. Keep in mind that it’s not mandatory for the lines to go straight up or down; they can also go zigzag, diagonal, or towards corners. The denomination Despite popular belief, not all slot machines’ coin requirements are equal, meaning that some use quarters, others dollars, and some pennies (penny slots). More often than not, you’ll come across players who carelessly drop a quarter into the machine only to become confused when it’s dumped it back into the tray. At a closer examination, they learn that it was a one-dollar slots machine. As a rule of thumb, you don’t want to play at a one-dollar machine when your bankroll can’t afford it. To avoid losing too much cash in a short period of time, remember the following rule: multiply the number of coins you’re going to play by the machine’s denomination and then multiply the obtained sum with the number of pay lines. The payout Before you insert your coins into the machine and start spinning, it is recommended that you understand how the slots will pay out. In short, you need to know the sequel of symbols you need to hit in order to win. Luckily, in most cases, this information can be found somewhere in the visible area on the front of the machine. In the event you’re playing slots online, then you’ll find this data in the rules tab. Because some machines offer more than one line to play, don’t forget to keep an eye out for multiple pay lines. The progressive slots If you’re aiming for the huge casino jackpot, then playing progressive slots will simplify your task considerably. While the progressive slot machines will charge you a small percentage for every buy-in, keep in mind that the cash is constantly added to the jackpot. Consequentially, the longer the jackpot is unclaimed, the larger it grows. Mega Moolah Slots paid out an astonishing £5,882,870 to a single player! Since your intention is to strike big, then play slots in casinos that link jackpot machines together from different locations.

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